„Wir müssen uns vernetzen und verbinden, nur in der Gemeinsamkeit entwickeln wir tragfähige und wertschöpfende Ideen. Darüber hinaus müssen wir diese Ideen und unser Wissen aber auch nach außen vermitteln und hier vor Ort zeigen, wie wir Zukunftsvisionen umsetzen und Probleme lösen.”

Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh

Unten stehend finden Sie eine Übersicht aktueller Weiterbildungsangebote der RWTH Aachen Campus Center.

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Campus Forum


Digitalisierung & Produktion

Finden Sie hier unser Veranstaltungsangebot zu aktuellen Themen
aus den Bereichen Digitalisierung, Industrie 4.0 und Produktion.


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14 May 2019 - 15 May 2019

Mastering the Digital Supply Chain

Campus Forum GmbH 
Prof. Ann Vereecke, Professor of Supply Chain Management at Vlerick Business School
Prof. Robin Kleer, Associate Professor of Innovation Management at Vlerick Business School
Prof. Fredrik Hacklin, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Vlerick Business School and Managing Director of the Corporate Innovation Lab
Prof. Frank Piller, Professor at RWTH Aachen University & a Co-Founder of the MIT Smart Customization Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. 

Mastering the Digital Supply Chain - Design your own “Industry 4.0” roadmap
Language: English
Fee: 5995 euros (excl. 21% VAT)

Are you ready to transition your business into the Industry 4.0 era?

 Industry is changing – getting smarter and more connected. Production will change – and so must the supply chain. This unique programme combines the expertise of one of Europe’s leading institutes of technology and one of its leading business schools.
On RWTH Aachen Campus, lab time and demo factory visits combine to give you an action-oriented learning experience. This helps you to build your framework for a factory of the future.
At Vlerick Business School, you’ll learn the very latest in strategic supply chain management and leadership. This powerful combination will give you the skills, experience and confidence to master the transition towards a digital factory and supply chain. And as you learn, you’ll be developing an action plan for your organisation – and present it to your board.

 Why this programme?

This programme will enable you to:

  • Demystify Industry 4.0
  • Build a roadmap to take your company to its own unique journey to smart supply chains
  • Dive deep into the smart factory – and know how to assess the investment required, as well as likely Returns
  • Visit a demo plant so that you can directly experience what’s possible
  • Dive deep into the smart supply chain – and create a plan for digitising and transforming your own supply system
  • Discover the new opportunities that smart supply chains can create
  • Lead the transformation you are recommending


For Whom?

This programme is designed for:

  • Professionals with management responsibilities in operations and IT
  • Operations managers in manufacturing or logistics companies
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Business and process managers and professionals
  • Leaders of change projects in manufacturing or logistics companies
  • Innovation managers
  • Supply chain and operations consultants
YourLearningJorney Veranstaltungen

imagecdn Veranstaltungen
Milena Towalski

+49 (0)241 / 80 23612

Date(s): 5 in-class days and 3 webinars: May 9, 2019 | May 14-15, 2019 | June 4, 2019 | June 25-27, 2019 | September 24, 2019



  Webinar 1: Engaging on the Digital Supply Chain Framework
May 9, 2019 | online | 1,5 hours
Transitioning to Industry 4.0 is about so much more than technologies and cost efficiencies. During this webinar, you will get to grips with the framework of how smart factories and smart supply chains integrate.
  Course 1: Diving into the Smart Factory
May 14-15, 2019 | in-class | Aachen
This module kicks off in Aachen, at the RWTH Aachen University. You’ll discover what a smart factory is, what kinds of value it creates and how it can create value. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the stages of development needed to create a smart factory. And you’ll get to see a demonstration factory (DFA) of RWTH Aachen Campus in cooperation with WZL of RWTH Aachen University in action.
  Webinar 2: Assessing the Action Plan
June 4, 2019 | online | 1,5 hours
During this webinar you’ll get feedback on the action plan you’ve created so far. Small groups of participants and faculty will act as a critical friend, challenging your plan and helping you to improve.
  Course 2: Diving into the Smart Supply Chain & How to Lead Transformation
June 25-27, 2019 | in-class | Ghent
It’s time to break down barriers and re-imagine your business. You’ll discover how supply chains can become an eco-system. You’ll learn how industrial boundaries are changing and creating new opportunities for growth. During this module, you’ll also visit a factory to see how this is already beginning to happen. You’ll look at the shift you may need to bring about in yourself to become an agent of change in your organisation. Last but not least, you will take charge of the second and last part of your action plan.
  Webinar 3: Reviewing Your Action Plan
September 24, 2019 | online | 1,5 hours
After you present your action plan to the board of your organisation, we take time to reflect on it with you. It’s all about putting knowledge into action and action into knowledge.

May 9, 2019



  Webinar 1: Engaging on the Digital Supply Chain Framework
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Ann Vereecke, Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller
In this first webinar, we will start with formulating the ambition for the next 20 weeks - the duration of the course. Ann Vereecke will then demystify Industry 4.0 and explain the framework that will be the focal point throughout the full course. You will get a first introduction to the framework by plotting yourself which will act as a base to develop your own ambition towards your action plan. We end by setting the expectations for the next modules.

May 14, 2019



  Course 1: Diving into the Smart Factory
  DAY 1 – A Strategic Framework for Industry 4.0: From the Factory to the Supply Chain
Aachen | Speakers: Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller / Christian Gülpen
09.00 Registration & Coffee
09.30 Welcome and Introduction
  • Introduction into the Agenda and the Presenters
  • Your Expectations and Experiences
10.00 Introduction into Industry 4.0
  • How Smart Factories and Smart Logistics Contribute to Digital Transformation
  • Technological Background
  • Digital Twins vs. Digital Shadows
11.15 Coffee & Networking Break
11.30 A Framework to Create Your Digital Factory Strategy – Part I
  • Smart Assets and Data Acquisition
  • Smart Operations & Open Manufacturing Platforms
13.00 Lunch Break
14.00 A Framework to Create Your Digital Factory Strategy – Part II
  • Architectures and Standards for Connecting Machine, Plants, and Supply Chains
  • Create a Rapid Application Prototype for an Industrial Data App in Your Factory
15.15 Coffee & Networking Break
15.30 Industrial Data & IoT Platforms
  • The Business Logic of Platform-Based Industrial Data Ecosystems
  • Strategic Opportunities and Risks: Established IoT Platform vs. Own Platform
17.00 Site Visit: Demonstration Factory at RWTH Aachen Campus
  • A Showcase of Industry 4.0 Drivers and Applications
  • Real Production Setting
18.00 Networking Reception

May 15, 2019



  DAY 2 – Demo Day: Experience Industry 4.0 Life
Aachen | Speakers: Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller / Christian Gülpen
08.30 Recap of Day 1 and Introduction into the Demo Tours
10.00 Demo Sessions: Exclusive Tours into the Heart of German Engineering – Part I
  • e.GO Mobile AG – Discover the Underlying Data Infrastructure of a Truly Digital Electric Car
11.00 Coffee & Networking Break
11.15 Demo Sessions: Exclusive Tours into the Heart of German Engineering – Part II
  • The Aachen Center of Additive Manufacturing (ACAM): Learn and Experience What is Possible with Additive Manufacturing Today
  • Fero Labs: Experiences from a StartUp in Machine Learning for Industrial Data Applications
13.00 Lunch Break
14.00 Transform Your Factory
  • Debrief of Site Visits: Your Opinions and Observations
  • Benchmarking Your Own State of Application
  • Discuss Capabilities and Processes Required to Realize the Vision in Your Factory
15.15 Coffee & Networking Break
15.30 Bridging Session to the Upcoming Sessions
  • Introduction into the Digital Strategy Canvas (for Your Project Work)
  • Interactive Exercise to Transform your Prototype from Day 1 into a Strategic Pilot Application
  • Outlook on the Following Webinars and Sessions
17.00 Closing of First Module and Adjourn

June 4, 2019



  Webinar 2: Assessing the Action Plan
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Ann Vereecke, Christian Gülpen
During this webinar, you will be divided into small groups to:
  • Discuss the content of your action plan
  • Receive feedback of your critical friend
  • Exchange views on how to get things moving in own organisation
  • Ask feedback from faculty

„Knowledge into Action“ is the key focus of this webinar. Therefore, we want to support you as much as we can towards your success.

June 25, 2019



  Course 2: Diving into the Smart Supply Chain & How to Lead Transformation
  DAY 1 – Smart Supply Chains Part I
Ghent | Speakers: Prof. Dr. Ann Vereecke, Prof. Dr. Robin Kleer
08.30 Registration & Coffee
09.00 Smart Supply Chains and Its Impact on Financial Performance
  • Introduction Smart Supply Chain
  • Importance of the Smart Supply Chain for You and Your Company
  • Impact on Financial Performance
10.30 Coffee & Networking Break
11.00 Technologies Enabling the Supply Chain Journeys
  • Introduction to Technologies (Blockchain, 3D printing, Big Data Analytics)
  • Specific Impact of These Technologies on a Company’s Supply Chain
  • Assess the Potential of New Technologies for Your Company´s Supply Chain
12.30 Lunch Break
13.30 Supply Chains as Eco-Systems
  • Importance of Ecosystem Thinking for Your Supply Chain
  • Smart Supply Chains Are No Longer Linear
  • How Can New Technologies Help You to Make Best Use of Collaboration Partners within Your Firm´s Ecosystem
15.00 Coffee & Drive to Site Visit
15.30 Site Visit
  • See How New Technologies Are Used in a Smart Supply Chain. Practical Insight in the Field to Complement the Theoretical Assessment of Our Lectures and Help You to Improve Your Action Plan for Transforming Your Company´s Supply Chain into a Smart One
18.30 End of Programme

June 26, 2019



  DAY 2 – Smart Supply Chains Part II
Aachen | Ghent | Speakers: Prof. Dr. Fredrik Hacklin
08.30 Welcome Coffee
09.00 Transforming the Existing Business Model
  • Rethink the Business Model
  • Evolve from ‘Means to an End’ to a Competitive Game Changer
10.30 Coffee & Networking Break
11.00 Business Model Innovation to Support the Transformation
  • Discuss Opportunities in Mastering the Strategic Transition
  • Discuss Challenges in Mastering the Strategic Transition
12.30 Lunch Break
14.00 Cases Part I
15.00 Coffee & Networking Break
15.30 Cases Part II
17.00 End of Programme

June 27, 2019



  DAY 3 – How to Lead Transformation
Ghent | Speakers: Prof. Dr. Ann Vereecke, Karlien Vanderheyden
08.30 Welcome Coffee
09.00 How to Lead Transformation Part I
  • Focus on Four Main Leadership Activities That Are Needed in a Digital Transformation
  • Play a Game to Experience the Different Leadership Roles, Their Added Value and How to Use Them in Practice
10.30 Coffee & Networking Break
11.00 How to Lead Transformation Part II
  • Discussion of Soft Skills That Are Required of a Leader in a Digital Environment and How You Can Develop or Use Them
12.30 Lunch Break
13.30 Sounding Board Action Plan
  • Discuss Your Action Plan with Your Peers
  • Discuss Challenges & Next Steps of Your Action Plan
  • Get Feedback of Your Peers
15.00 Coffee & Networking Break
15.30 Wrap-up
17.00 End of Course 2

September 24, 2019



  Webinar 3: Reflecting on the Action Plan
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ann Vereecke
As in webinar 2, you will be divided into small groups to discuss your action plan so far. ”How can your action plan be finetuned? What are the key learnings of your peers that you can benefit from? Are there any recommendations or feedback to be shared within the confidentiality of your own sounding board? What has been accomplished or what were your barriers to success?” By answering these questions you will be enabled to start the transformation process in your company.

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Gemeinsam mit Experten aus Industrie und Forschung tauschen wir uns mit Ihnen über gegenwärtige und zukünftige Herausforderungen in der Elektromobilproduktion von heute und morgen aus. Die verschiedenen Weiterbildungsangebote bieten die Möglichkeit, sich tiefer gehend mit hochaktuellen Fragestellungen zur Produktion von Elektrofahrzeugen und deren Komponenten zu befassen.


Additive Manufacturing

Finden Sie hier ein maßgeschneidertes Leistungsspektrum rund um die Additive Fertigung:

– Zugang zu innovativem Know-how
– Beratungs- und Schulungsleistungen
– Prozess-, Software- und Systemtechnik
– Maßgeschneiderte Serviceleistungen



Mehr als 20 Jahre Forschung, Weiterbildung und Beratung zeigen: Komplexitätsmanagement wird immer mehr zum Kern der Führungsaufgabe. Die Variantenvielfalt im Blick zu behalten oder die Prozessvielfalt nicht ausufern zu lassen, wurde bereits in der Vergangenheit von vielen Führungskräften als wichtig eingestuft. Inzwischen ist Komplexität jedoch eine Herausforderung, welche in nahezu allen Teilbereichen eines ganzheitlichen Managements gesehen werden muss. Für die Mehrheit der Firmen stellt Komplexität in einer Vielzahl von Bereichen ein anspruchsvolles, wenn nicht überwältigendes Problem dar. Dennoch haben laut einer aktuellen Umfrage unter 230 Managern weniger als ein Drittel der Unternehmen ausreichend Talente an Bord, um Komplexität auch wirklich erfolgreich zu managen. Dies liegt nicht zuletzt daran, dass das Thema Komplexität aus Sicht von 9 aus 10 Unternehmen nicht ausreichend in ihre Executive Education bzw. Weiterbildungsprogramme integriert ist.


Technologie- und Innovationsmanagement

Egal ob Seminare, Praktikertage, Tagungen oder Zertifikatskurse – wir vermitteln TIM-Themen modern, lebendig und praxisnah. So werden Sie zu exzellenten Technologie- und Innovationsmanagern. Nutzen auch Sie unsere Veranstaltungen, um sich effektiv weiterzubilden und sich mit anderen Praktikern der TIM-Community auszutauschen.


Werkzeug- und Formenbau

Die WBA Aachener Werkzeugbau Akademie GmbH ist der führende Partner des Werkzeugbaus in den Geschäftsfeldern Industrieberatung, Weiterbildung und Forschung. In ihrem eigenen Demonstrationswerkzeugbau bildet die WBA die gesamte Prozesskette der Werkzeugherstellung ab und entwickelt mit ihren über 80 Mitgliedsunternehmen innovative Lösungen für die Branche, die sie in ihren Weiterbildungsangeboten an die Industrie weitergibt.




Werkzeugbau Challenge



Executive Seminare


Expert / Senior Expert

Überfachliche Weiterbildung

Mit der Überfachlichen Weiterbildung haben wir ein Angebot geschaffen, dass die Qualifizierung Ihrer Mitarbeiter im nicht-technischen Bereich adressiert. Organisatorische, wirtschaftliche, soziale und kommunikative Skills sind heute ebenso erfolgs- und projektentscheidend wie fachliche Expertise. Profitieren Sie von unserem Netzwerk an erfahrenen TrainerInnen in den weiterführend genannten Themenbereichen. Gerne unterstützen wir Sie bei der Erstellung eines individuellen Weiterbildungskonzepts im Rahmen Ihrer Personalentwicklung.


Fünf Tage – hochwertige Vorträge – umsetzungorientierte Workshops – ein spannendes Netzwerk: Als Teilnehmer unserer Zertifikatkurse profitieren Sie von der Möglichkeit, mit uns in einen intensiven Austausch zu gehen. Sie diskutieren ihre eigenen Fragestellungen mit unseren Referenten und spiegeln sie an den Praxisübungen innerhalb der Kurswoche. Ihren Lernerfolg sichern wir durch eine abschließende Prüfung und bestätigen Ihnen die erfolgreiche Teilnahme durch die Verleihung des RWTH Aachen Campus Zertifikats. Unsere aktuellen Zertifikatkurse finden Sie hier: Wählen Sie Ihr Thema!

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