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17.06.2019 - 18.06.2019

Congress "Multimodal Mobility Solutions"

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Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh,
Dr. Christian Dölle,
Manuel Ebi, M.Sc

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Simplifying End-to-End Connections

Today‘s trends in metropolitan areas demand Multimodal Mobility solutions, which can only be developed in an interdisciplinary network of collaborating partners.
Multimodal Mobility is a key element for handling the complex challenges of current and future mobility in order to realize

  • 0-emissions
  • no traffic jams
  • 100 %-network coverage
  • attractiveness for citizens and companies.

To reach such ambitious goals the collaboration between industry, research, public authorities and politics is inevitable.

Center Multimodal Mobility

The Center Multimodal Mobility is currently being initiated on RWTH Aachen Campus under the direction of Prof. Günther Schuh. It will offer all stakeholders a platform to jointly mastermind and design future mobility solutions.


Join the congress to discuss mobility concepts with our distinguished speakers, interact with other key partners from research, industry, public authorities and politics, pitch your ideas and become part of the interdisciplinary network and Multimodal Mobility community.

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Sophia Wehmeyer

Phone: +49 (0)241 / 80 23612




10.30 Registration & Welcome
Start the congress day with your registration to the event and take a first chance to get to know other participants.
11.15 Keynote: Simplifying End-to-End Connections
Multimodal Mobility Concepts can only be achieved if key stakeholders from multiple sectors collaborate.
12.00 Introduction of the Center “Multimodal Mobility” (CMM)
Get to know the Center Multimodal Mobility, which is currently being initiated, its ideas, goals and benefits
12.30 Lunch Break & Networking
13.30 Presentation of the first Center Project
Have an insight on how Center Projects can work and how partners can collaborate in the field of Multimodal Mobility.
14.00 Ecosystem-Talk
Speakers from different companies of the Multimodal Mobility ecosystem give insights on their approach as well as their future vision.
15.30 Coffee Break & Networking
16.00 Panel Discussion
We assemble different views on Multimodal Mobility to discuss necessary steps.
17.00 Wrap-Up
Short summary of the day as well as key learnings.
17.15 Get-Together at RWTH Aachen Campus
The evening event will take place at RWTH Aachen Campus and gives you a great opportunity to find out more about its research competences. Take the chance to discuss your ideas in a casual atmosphere.




09.15 Introduction
09.45 Project Pitches
We will introduce exemplary center projects, we want to conduct with our community partners.
10.15 Workshop - Project Discussion
Discuss project ideas with experts from different stakeholders and bring in your expertise to derive further project ideas.
11.45 Lunch Break & Networking
12.45 Presentation of the Workshop Results
Get an insight regarding the defined projects and define with us the next steps.
13.15 Ecosystem-Talk
14.15 Wrap-Up & Next Steps
15:00 End of The Conference Day

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