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Campus Forum GmbH – your service provider for further education at RWTH Aachen Campus

As a service provider for further education at RWTH Aachen Campus we are glad to assist you in conceptual designing, implementing and processing your activities in further education and other events.

Our range of services covers the entire spectrum of event services, from the conceptual design and development of suitable formats for your topics over financing and marketing as well as the operative implementation, on-site processing and evaluation of your further education offers.

For participants and speakers of our events, we are available as contact person before and during the event and are glad to assist you with any questions regarding the procedure, your arrival, your stay with us or your contract.

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How does the further education of the future look like? What are suitable formats, teaching methods and case studies to train people quickly and efficiently in dealing with the challenges of industry 4.0? They should be actively involved in shaping digitization in order to be able to work with the resulting digital developments, processes and machines. Where is the place for further education and how has it to be equipped? At which point in personnel development does further education have to start and and which actors have to act together?

Further education in times of digitization must have in mind the knowledge to be conveyed and the states of research, the transfer to industrial questions to be made, as well as the respective knowledge character of the information to be conveyed. Especially the latter has always to be taken into account within the (didactic) conception. It is our understanding of further education, that not only the classic triad of knowledge definition (context – background – experience) is taken into account, but also the addressee and his perception horizon.


The need to implement further education as a continuous process in the corporate strategy is therefore given higher priority and essential significance.
We in Aachen have already recognized this for a long time. With the further development and transfer of this way of thinking on the RWTH Aachen Campus, a unique landscape has emerged, which enables us to transform the here gained findings into unique further education offers. Learning in the digital age requires a future-oriented further education strategy in which knowledge transfer is a tangible process. So it is our task to create offers in which knowledge is not only experienced but above all lived to see in order to generate a sustainable form of knowledge acquisition.


Within the RWTH Aachen Campus further education has been firmly anchored as an important development factor and places have been created where knowledge can be experienced. The entities based at RWTH Aachen Campus do not provide the necessary forward-looking infrastructure for further education as a by-product, but as an essential vehicle. By this a close link between knowledge generator and knowledge user is achieved, which provides mutual impulses.
The Campus Forum therefore provides offers and formats that transform their participants themselves – from a listener to an experiencer. We capacitate you for implementation and imitation by inviting to be a part of the creation of knowledge generation on the ground. In this way, we accompany you and your company through all necessary transformation processes and convey the necessary knowledge in a practical way to you.

Our service portfolio

  • Formulating objectives
  • Exchange of ideas and market research
  • Quotation and investment plan
  • Project plan and schedule
  • Topic identification
  • Selection and acquisition of speakers
  • Preparation of the advertising media
  • Selection of the distribution list
  • Development of the marketing and publication plan
  • Layout, graphic, design and text
  • Direct mailing, E-Mailing
  • Media presence: advance notice, contributions
  • Press work and conference, press kits and reviews
  • Quality assurance
  • Budget control
  • Accounting and collection
  • Registration and assistance of the participants
  • Assistance of the speakers
  • Name badges and participant lists
  • Participant documentation, USB, downloads, conference proceedings
  • Participant check-in
  • Feedback forms
  • Determination of the event standard
  • Selection of location and bookings
  • Event assistance in advance and on site
  • Event technology
  • Engagement of interpreters
  • Coordination of the catering
  • Evening events and supporting programme
  • Exhibition planning and management
  • Exhibitor catalogue
  • Floor management and stand construction


Kirsten_Marso_Team About us

Campus Forum

Dr. phil. Kirstin Marso-Walbeck

Kirstin Marso-Walbeck has been Managing Director of the Campus Forum GmbH since 2016. After her studies in German linguistics and literature and English linguistics at RWTH Aachen University, she started her career in the further education institution as event director and built up this area. During her studies, , she gained a wide range of practical experience in the field of advertising as a junior-copywriter at an advertising agency for direct marketing in Aachen, which she complemented by her function as a PR assistant at the 1. FC Köln in the area of press and public relations.

Since November 2005 she has also been Managing Director of the Institute for Professional Communication and Business Media at RWTH Aachen University as well as since 2007 Managing Director of the WZLforum gGmbH, another further education institution at RWTH Aachen Campus.

In July 2018 she did her PhD on leadership communication in lean-oriented companies

Nina_Sauermann_Team About us

Campus Forum

Dr. rer. soc. Nina Sauermann

After successfully completing her studies at RWTH Aachen University in 2006, Nina Sauermann worked at the International School for Holocaust Studies / Yad Vashem in Israel and as a lecturer at the RWTH Aachen University. Since 2007 she works at the WZLforum at the RWTH Aachen University and has there been responsible for event management since 2008. Since 2016 she has also been Managing Director of Campus Forum GmbH. She did her PhD in the field of personality inventories in team development at the University of St. Gallen (HSG); her dissertation has been published by Apprimus Verlag.